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Pest Control Sydney - About Us

Defense Pest Control is family owned and Operated Company. The business is committed to grow rapidly by delivering exceptional service to the clients at the lowest possible prices. The Company offers wide range of pest control services which are tailored for individual needs. Defense Pest Control Understands the complexities involved in servicing a wide variety of clients, and will continue to provide solutions to all the

Defense Pest Control Sydney is one of the leading pest control services in the country. We specialize in removing a wide array of pests which range from cockroaches to various types of ants and rodents alike. Our approach to removing pests is to start with an understanding of the problem. We try to determine the exact nature of the problem our clients are facing and come up with a plan of attack based on our findings. Over the years this has proven to be the most successful approach to eliminating most pests from any home or office.

Pet friendly pest control in Sydney

Unlike other pest control businesses every chemical or procedure we use to remove pests is 100% pet friendly. This means that we use non-toxic and odorless chemicals to remove some of the most common pests reported by home owners. The fact that we do not use toxic chemicals also means that the home is infant friendly too immediately after we have finished working. It is also important to mention here that our non-toxic chemicals are just as effective if not more effective than what many other companies use.

We can tackle all types of infestations

Our team of highly experienced pest control specialists can remove pests of all types regardless of the extent of the infestation we are dealing with. Though some types so infestations will require a more rigorous approach we have no problem backing up the work we do with a guarantee. We guarantee that we will remove all pests regardless of the type of infestation we are dealing with.

High affordable and effective

We have often been referred to as being the most effective pest control in Sydney service. However, apart from being effective thanks to our years of experience we are also highly affordable. Compared to other companies we believe in pricing our services fairly so that everyone can benefit from it but all without compromising on the quality of what we provide. Our goal has always been to provide the most value for every dollar people spend to get pests removed from their property.

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